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Semi-finished product Chitosan L112 Biopolymer
Dietary supplement
Chitosan spec L112 material
Food material
Chitosan for food comes from raw material crab shells from our food processing plant
Chitosan food safty

From Bio21, one of the specialists Chitosan manufacturer with QMS, GMP/HACCP system, and EU-certificated

From a quality raw material, fresh snow crab shells, which come directly from our human consumption food processing GMP/HACCP plant

From R&D Chitosan products and more than 15 years of experience in industrial-scale Chitosan manufacturing

Chitosan material powder form_BIO21 Chitosan manufacturer

Chitosan material

Our Chitosan material avilable for Food grade, dietary supplement, medical device, pharma grade, for agricultural use, and industrial use

Our Chitosan materials specifications category are the following

      • Degree of Deacetylation (%DD):  less than 80, 80-90 and more than 90
      • Viscosity 1.0% (cPs) :  900-600, 600-300, 300-100, 100-20, less than 20 
      • Molecular weight (MW) kDa: more than 1000, 1000-500, 500-200, 200-80, 80-30 , less than 30 (30-10)
      • Sources of raw material: Blue crab shells, Snow crab shells (Alaska crab), Squid pen , and Shrimp shells

Bio21 Chitosan products avilable in both of flake form and  powder form, which the product particle size or mesh size between  50 -150 mesh

We are a specialist to customized Chitosan material in Degree of Deacetylation (%DD) Molecular Weight (MW) and Viscosity variances according to the client requirements

Chitosan spec L112 for Medical, Pharma and food

Chitosan spec L112

Medical device / Pharma grade / food grade (Dietary supplement)

Chitosan spec L112 is an enhanced Chitosan derivative for dietary supplements and medical device applications; bulk powder form is a non-digestible polysaccharide derived from the Deacetylation of Chitin. The product is an off-white powder with a mild fish taste and aroma; and is easy to tableting and encapsulate.

Chitosan L112 Biopolymer

Chitosan L112 Biopolymer

Enhance Chitosan spec L112 blended with additional proprietary ingredients

A medical device Chitosan semi-finished product. L112 Biopolymer is a soft yellow powder with a mild fish taste and aroma; and is easy to encapsulate / tableting. And the important property is fat Triglyceride binding more than 1000 g/g (our standard test method STM-1510)

Chitosan for food

Chitosan for food from GMP/HACCP production plant

Not only do we produce Chitosan at the GMP/HACCP, but our Chitosan for food is produced from raw material crab shells from our seafood processing plant,  which customized specs by %DD, MW, Viscosity, and raw material sources that can traceability material

Chitosan powder form

We are a seafood processing plant with an EU-manufacturer certificate

No. 502.09.A/B/C (PT. Fresh On Time Seafood, Indonesia)

Discovered high-quality Chitosan products from our specialist food processing raw materials manufacturer with a reasonable price offering and GMP/HACCP manufacturing certificate.

Our main human consumption food processing factory is seafood products, including crabs and meat food processing. Our Chitosan products are raw materials from the by-products of seafood products

 Bio21 a specialist Chitosan manufacturer slide show 001x05

With raw materials, snow crab (Opilio crab and Alaska/King crab) shells from our GMP food processing factory. Our raw material qualified the regulation (EU) no. 722/2012 (Medical Devices risk management and controls to prevent spreading certain animal-borne diseases to users of their products) requirements.



snow crab shells Chitosan flake

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