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High-Quality CHITOSAN
Food / Supplement grade ,Medical device grade, and Industry use with low-medium-high viscosity from our food processing byproducts
Specialized CHITOSAN blended as the active ingredient Semi-finished product medical device / dietary supplement CHITOSAN specific for reducing LDL Cholesterol and Triglyceride
CHITOSAN spec L112
specialized CHITOSAN in powder form medical device / dietary supplement specific for reducing LDL Cholesterol and Triglyceride
new HACCP plant
clean and fresh crab shells at the new HACCP plant which directly from our food processing plant

Discover high-quality CHITOSAN from a specialist manufacturer with QMS and HACCP system, R&D, and more than 15 years experience in industrial-scale manufacturing


CHITOSAN for raw material of any application used 

Food / Supplement grade, Medical-device grade, and Industrial grade

Product variance by %DD: Molecular Weight / Viscosity

High, Medium and Low Viscosity / Molecular Weight  CHITOSAN 

CHITOSAN products avilable in flake and  powder form  which the product particle size between  50 -150 mesh

We are a specialist to customized in Molecular weight / Viscosity variances according to the client requirements

Medical device / dietary supplement CHITOSAN

CHITOSAN spec L112 is an enhanced CHITOSAN derivative for dietary supplements and medical device applications; bulk powder form is a non-digestible polysaccharide derived from the Deacetylation of CHITIN. The product is an off-white powder with a mild fish taste and aroma; and is easy to tableting and encapsulate.


CHITOSAN spec L112 blended with additional proprietary ingredients; a medical device CHITOSAN semi-finished product. L112 BIOPOLYMER is a soft yellow powder with a mild fish taste and aroma; and is easy to encapsulate / tableting. And the important property is fat Triglyceride binding more than 1000 g/g (our standard test method STM-1510)

more than 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE industry scale of




     Base on the knowledge of chemistry technology and biotechnology including research & development and the experienced industrial production scale with the quality control system QMS standard.


Based on our experiences, we can advise on how to use or apply CHITOSAN for some applications.


Our well-known products L112 BIOPOLYMER, CHITOSAN spec L112, and  L112 POLYMER as for enhancing feed conversion rate (FCR) in broiler farming

Quality system standards

QMS and HACCP for production and delivery of products Service that satisfies customers

Export production base

We are one of the production bases for leading companies from the USA, EU, and JAPAN to use CHITOSAN as raw materials in their factories.