Clean & Fresh crab shells
by-product from GMP/HACCP production for human consumption
Good quaity CHITIN
from Clean & Fresh crab shells
Good quality CHITOSAN
from good quality CHITIN
from grinding clean room and good quality grinding machines and system

Clean room system for grinding machines and the system

We implemented a grinding clean room and grinding technology to make CHITOSAN powder, especially high-viscosity Chitosan. The particle size range (mesh size) of Chitosan products is between 50 and 150 mesh.

Raw material, snow crab shells are by-products from our food processing production line

Fresh On Time Seafood is commissioned by Bintarna Tardy in 2004. It is the culmination of hard work and dedication since he first started his first seafood cannery in 1984. Under his guidance Fresh On Time Seafood has evolved into highly reputable seafood manufacturer internationally.

CHITOSAN EU number approval 01

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