Clean & Fresh crab shells
by-product from GMP/HACCP production for human consumption
Good quaity CHITIN
from Clean & Fresh crab shells
Good quality CHITOSAN
from good quality CHITIN
from grinding clean room and good quality grinding machines and system

When you choose our Chitosan products, you're choosing traceability. Our products can be traced back to their source, giving you the assurance of their quality and origin.

With a rich history in the seafood industry since 2004, we've honed our expertise in manufacturing high-quality products. Our range includes crab meat from blue crab, snow crab, king crab (Alaska crab), and red crab, all sourced from around the world.

This extensive experience and global reach are the foundations of our commitment to delivering top-notch Chitosan products.
Crab shells are by-products of our food processing; our strengths are the quality and quantity of raw materials for Chitin and Chitosan products.

comes from the by-product fresh crab shells directly from the food human consumption production

QUANTITY comes from the vast supply of the primary production of crab meat products