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New HACCP CHITOSAN production plant - launched March 2024

It is time for BIO21's small ways to go global

We are cooperating with the crab meat factory with the HACCP and EU certificate. We are using fresh crab shells directly from the food processing line to produce CHITIN and CHITOSAN. It is also time to implement the quality systems (QMS), HACCP, and ISO series with certification. 

Clean and fresh raw material, our snow crab shells results to good quality CHITIN and CHITOSAN.

 CHITOSAN from good good raw materil given result to qualified any food and medical device CHITOSAN application.

from good quality raw material crab shells, which are fresh and clean from the HACCP processing line

Our CHITIN directly produces fresh shells of blue swimming crab, snow crab, red crab, and king crab from the food processing production line. Able to control CHITOSAN viscosity, unknown material mixed, including the heavy metals and microbiological   


CHITOSAN products from the good quality CHITIN benefits;

Qualified the high viscosity / high molecular weight CHITOSAN

Food-grade CHITOSAN

Medical-device grade CHITOSAN; qualified the regulation (EU) no. 722/2012 (Medical Devices risk management and controls to prevent spreading certain animal-borne diseases to users of their products) requirements.


Clean room system and grinding machines and the system

We implemented a grinding clean room and grinding technology to make CHITOSAN powder, especially high-viscosity CHITOSAN. The particle size range (mesh size) of CHITOSAN products is between 50 and 150 mesh.