Bio21's Chitosan material product specification

The main properties of Chitosan product specifications are following; 

      • Degree of Deacetylation (%DD)
      • Molecular Weight (MW)
      • Viscosity
      • Raw material source (the shells of sea creatures (Crustacea Malacostraca))  Alpha and Beta type Chitosan 

These of %DD, MW, Viscosity , and raw material sources are key factors of the active or main functions of the Chitosan application or the final product

The other significant product properties of Chitosan product specifications are  heavy metals, microbiological factors, Ash content, bulk density / tapped density, solubility, turbidity, and moisture

All properties of Chitosan material product specification combined are identified to the Chitosan grade

      • food grade / dietary supplement grade
      • Medical device grade / Pharma grade
      • Agricultural use (grade)
      • Industrial use (grade)

Bio21 Chitosan material product specs category, which is based for the applications

Product variance matrix by %DD: Molecular Weight or Viscosity : Sources

      • High, Medium, and Low (cPs) Viscosity 
      • High, Medium, and Low (kDa) Molecular Weight (MW)
      • 3 ranges of Degree of Deacetylation %DD (less than 80, between 80-90, more than  90)
      • Sources (blue crab shells, Snow crab shells , Shrimp shells,Squid pen) 



Source / Type (Alpha and Beta ) Chitosan

Shrimp shells

Crab shells (Crab, Asian, Portunus pelagicus / blue swimming crab)

Crab shells (Crab, Alaskan, Chionoecetes opilio) 

Squid pen (Todarodes pacificus or equiv)

Raw materials, snow crab (Opilio crab and Alaska/King crab) shells from our GMP food processing factory

Molecular Weight  (MW)  Chitosan

More than 1000 kDa

1000-500 kDa

500-125 kDa

125-80 kDa

less than 80 kDa

Viscosity (solution 1.0%) Chitosan

1000 - 600  cPs

600 - 300 cPs

300 -100 cPs

100-20 cPs

less than 20 cPs

Degree of Deactylation (%DD) Chitosan

More than 90

90 - 80

Less than 80


We are specialists to customize Chitosan spec in Molecular Weight / Viscosity and Degree of Deacetylation (%DD) variances according to the client requirement