Chitosan material

Food / dietary supplement grade, Medical-device or Pharma grade, Industrial grade, and agriculture grade

Chitosan products variance by Degree of Deacetylation (%DD): Molecular Weight : Viscosity : Sources

High-Medium-Low Viscosity 

High-Medium-Low Molecular Weight (MW) 

Chitosan products avilable in flake and  powder form  which the product particle size between  50 -150 mesh

We are a specialist to customized in Degree of Deacetylation (%DD), Molecular Weight  and Viscosity variances according to the client requirements

Chitosan spec L112

Chitosan material for food , dietary supplement and medical device products; the bulk powder form is a non-digestible polysaccharide derived from the Deacetylation of Chitin. The product is an off-white powder with a mild fish taste and aroma; and is easy to tableting and encapsulate.

Chitosan L112 Biopolymer

Chitosan spec L112 as the active ingredient blended with additional proprietary ingredients; a medical device Chitosan semi-finished product. L112 Biopolymer is a soft yellow powder with a mild fish taste and aroma; and is easy to encapsulate / tableting. And the important property is fat Triglyceride binding more than 1000 g/g (our standard test method STM-1510)

Chitosan for food

Our Chitosan for food material produced from our GMP/HACCP sea foods by-products, snow crab shells

Chitosan Absorbital

Finished product, a natural fiber fats binding which main ingredient is L112 Biopolymer